South Asian Forum for Environment is looking for diverse cross-section of volunteers; join us to make the change you want to see.

The volunteerism demands work at heart of the communities, climate challenged scenario, disaster relief work, awareness campaigns, waste management, health, water, sanitation and hygiene for poor.

Volunteerism promotes participation and creates wide spectrum of mobilization towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal.

SAFE volunteers have been instrumental in disaster relief work during Aila cyclone in year 2009, in Sunderbans, our volunteers have been also active baseline surveys, community interviews, sensitization and awareness, and public awareness events.

It is the spirit of volunteerism that brings sustained change and helps build more inclusive, sustainable and progressive societies.

  • Environmental public awareness programs, conservation and protection.
  • Waste management program/ campaigns for urban stakeholders and residences.
  • Pre-registration for disaster relief work.
  • Baseline surveys, community interviews at urban area.
  • Baseline surveys, community interviews at rural area.
  • Awareness campaigns for WASH programs.
  • Capacity building training for women and awareness.
  • Health and hygiene awareness programs at community level.
  • Water body restoration campaigns.
  • Health awareness for waste workers and participating in training programs.