CANSA SAFE Report 2021

In changing climate, Pandemic brings a new approach to 'Community resilience'

South Asian Forum for Environment,SAFE, introduces float-farming as flood resilient agriculture and
with technology-based health care services to marginal communities in Assam, Bihar and West Bengal in India.



A neo economic conservation model that compensates the opportunity cost of marginal communities in conserving ecosystems of global importance. SAFE uses payments from ecosystem services in an innovative way to compensate for the Biorights of commons.

Women & Environment

Empowering women and mainstreaming them into climate action has been the priority area for SAFE towards gender equity and reciprocity in this changing climate scenario. Capacity building, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship and eco-peace leadership has augmented climate resilience of women in community.


SAFE has taken a lead role, in resolving conflicts on environmental concerns across political boundaries in South Asia; Transboundary water issues and transportation of ecologically sensitive goods across borders of Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and India are the recent areas of intervention.

Circular Economy

Working at science-society interface to achieve SDG’s, SAFE has taken initiatives to propound circular economy at doorsteps of commons, prime interventions include circular design in WASH, Integrated Waste Management and Sustainable lifestyle education in partnership with urban stakeholders and UN Environment.

Blue Carbon

Restoration of mangrove forests, seagrass meadows, marshes, and kelp forests with community participation has been implemented by SAFE, using carbon neutral agro technology like aqua farming, alga culture, crab fattening and mangrove plantation as a new field of innovation towards Conservation and Blue carbon initiative.

REDD plus

SAFE has taken up climate initiatives in forest conservation through several REDD Plus interventions of which the most important is non-timber forest products and fibers for alternative usage that promotes new economic opportunities for tribal communities.
SAFE is a Civil Society Organization working towards Sustainable Environment Development and Poverty Alleviation.

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