South Asian Forum for Environment

Community Health Care and Health Preparedness

The project is in action to strengthen the Community Health system for the poorest of the poor through Community Health Centres in Urban-semi urban clusters in Kolkata and rural areas of disaster-prone Sundarbans, in West Bengal.

The digital divide has further split between rural and urban communities as well as affluent netizens and marginal urban poor. Unfortunately, in the post-pandemic to maintain social distancing android and web-based applications have gained importance in the health sector even, the marginal people who have no for list access to digital literacy have been ostracized from digital Healthcare services widening the inequity and exclusion. The present Health intervention of SAFE is therefore intense to bridge this gap with equitable digital access through telemedicine and cloud-based services for the rural communities and urban poor as well. The Community Health Centres, CHC are established in areas that have weak community health systems, and areas that are inhabited by poor marginal families, mainly slum dwellers, rural farmers, senior citizens, and, with a special focus on mother and child. This community health project by SAFE aims to build up a healthcare network with district-level hospitals, and Govt. level health centers, NGO’s and health workers, and volunteers to increase the outreach and support network. The local health hubs under the project backed up by telemedicine infrastructure are the first referral health care unit, and further in need of specialized care, referring to the hospitals for the necessary treatment.

The thoughts and vision of the program in alignment with the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) are commenced by SAFE to strengthen access to the health system at the grassroots.