Teen Require Environmental Education Year: This is one of the early initiatives of SAFE, started in year 2007, with 50 students and till date has actively involved over 15,000 students


Location : South Asia

What is TREE? TREE project is specially designed and crafted for school and college students, in year 2007, SAFE launched project TREE, Teen Require Environmental Education in local schools and colleges.The student's feedback report revealed that they are tired of reading environment books and now they seek an opportunity to make some practical contribution to environment.This project has successfully created great scope for students to participate in the actual field activities bringing them close to the community.This has effectively initiated learning by doing in a more recreational way.

Objectives :

If leadership brings development, 'Environmental Leadership', leads to sustainable development

  1. To creates participatory platform for students to extend education and awareness, communication and motivations.
  2. To help commune where every individual cares for their surroundings, their habitat, their niche, their home.
  3. To give exposure to environmental challenges, threats, and inspire students towards innovative and sustainable solutions.
  4. To build eco-sensitive gen-next for sustainable future, as they will be driving the planet next.

Program & events under TREE includes :

  1. Workshops
  2. Awareness campaign
  3. Plantation
  4. Habitat study
  5. Community interaction
  6. Brainstorming
  7. Communication games
  8. Street show, skit, theatre
  9. Learning to use of alternative media in communication awareness
  10. Summer camps

To enroll for this program contact Poulami Biswas (Coordinator for Program)