Community Health



Community health care programs of SAFE fulfill the objective of the community development and the prime objective is to increase access to health treatments and support for advanced treatments.SAFE in collaboration with Rotary Clubs, and local hospital, regularly conducts health camps in remote villages and urban slums, with specialized medical team.Health camp reports reveals, acute malnutrition is observed, in both rural and urban areas of West Bengal, and North East, India.Early marriage and excessive physical work after child birth has led to severe health problems for women in almost every village and slums.Mother and children suffer acute malnutrition and the rate of child mortality is high.

The objectives of community health programs

  1. To strengthen the coordination and management of local level health programs aimed at significantly reducing infant child and maternal mortality rate.
  2. Further develop nutritional surveillance and create awareness, nutrition monitoring in intervention areas.
    Impart training to local educated youth, to develop skilled health worker team, manpower at paramedical level, to address to initial emergency, first aid, and case reporting for action.
  3. Health support communication for imparting awareness on reproductive health among communities in West Bengal and North East, in India.

Telemedicine : SAFE with supports of IIT-Kharagpur, IT department have commenced, 'Telemedicine', project in health support communication for treatment and disease prevention in Sunderban islands. Application of mobile apps in childcare and immunization program in distant villages of Sunderbans, has been recently introduced.