Awards & Accolades



I. UN 10FYP Intervention Award 2016 for Sustainable Consumption and Production Education.
II. UN Water for Life Award, 2015  for 'Best Management Practice'.
III. Lighthouse Activity Award 2014, UNFCCC  RESOLVE: Trash2 Cash project, a climate initiative of SAFE for reducing landfill emission  in urban area has received the award from UNFCCC.
IV. Development Marketplace Award 2014  World Bank NEWS - UP: Non-Conventional Energy in Water & Sanitation in Urban Slums to promote community governance of nature capital.
V. Global Change Research Award 2014 & 2016  Asia Pacific Network, Japan Climate initiatives in promoting algae culture as a climate alternative farming strategy in coastal India, Bangladesh, Vietnam & Indonesia  and agriculture  waste  management for carbon-smart agro-farming in Bhutan Philippines and India.
VI. Match International Women's Award 2014 & 2016 This was awarded to program Resolve Trash to Cash for empowering women rag pickers for establishing the first women led recycling enterprise, to recycle municipal solid waste.
VII. NABARD Best Performance Award 2014 National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development of India awarded this for best rural initiatives in climate smart agriculture in India.
VIII. Asia Green Award 2012 from Korea Green Foundation, for community based climate mitigation strategy implementation and coastal conservation.
IX. Eco-Peace Leadership award 2010 & 2012 for grassroots initiatives in environmental conservation from UNEP-EPLC.
X. Earthcare Award 2011 for Climate Change Initiatives from Center for Environmental Education Govt. of India & Times of India.
XI. UNU-MERIT Award 2011  for implementing Biorights and PES in community based conservation of East Kolkata Wetlands Ramsar site.
XII. Dhanwantary Award 2011 for Rural Health and Environmental Conservation from Rotary Club.
XIII. Community Leadership Award 2010 for Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation from National Council for Climate Change & Sustainable Development, India.